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About Us

Culstrata (n.) /kəlˈstrɑːtə/

  1. A fusion of "culture" and "stratosphere" that propels your company's Al and data transformation to new heights.

  2. A forward-thinking team that provides AI, data, and product client-centric services to meet your company's today and tomorrow.

  3. A mission-driven, women-founded organization dedicated to paving a trusted and quality AI and data future.

Synonym: Your AI Trip Advisor

Our Values


We prioritize transparent, reliable, and accountable practices, fostering strong relationships with clients, partners, and stakeholders.


We paint the canvas of AI solutions with the highest ethical standards, addressing social and moral considerations.


Beyond benchmarks, our high-quality AI and data services paint your business success in the digital landscape.


Our team, comprising individuals with varied backgrounds and expertise, collaborates harmoniously to deliver unparalleled solutions.


Our playground is innovation, ensuring our AI and data solutions dance at the cutting edge, offering future-proof brilliance.

Our Team

Your dedicated partners in fostering diversity on boards with AI and data talent, facilitating transformative executive placements, and crafting robust product and go-to-market strategies for trusted AI and data solutions.


Our award-winning, proven team of experts specializes in these key areas, ensuring that your organization benefits from cutting-edge AI initiatives that promote diversity, achieve excellence in executive leadership, and deliver quality, trusted AI products to the market.

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