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Our Clients

We are your dedicated partner in fostering diversity on boards with AI and Data talent, facilitating transformative executive placements, and crafting robust product and go-to-market strategies for trusted AI & Data solutions.


Our award-winning, proven team of experts specializes in these key areas, ensuring that your organization benefits from cutting-edge AI initiatives that promote diversity, achieve excellence in executive leadership, and deliver quality, trusted AI products to the market.


Board, Product & GTM advisory services for Logosphere.  Logosphere provides a framework to unlock the power of Web 3 and Web 4, enabling a trusted data sharing ecoystem with a decentralized semanic graph database. 

Image by David Rodrigo

Middle East Executive Education

Partnered with Speak FZE, a leading talent agency in the Middle East, to provide Executive AI & Data education & literacy services to some of the region's largest, and most influencial enterprises in Saudi Arabia, Dubai and the UAE.


Our collaborative mission is to empower these prestigious entities with cutting-edge knowledge, ensuring their leadership and board members possess the expertise needed to thrive in an AI-driven era.


Through this partnership, we are committed to fostering innovation and excellence in the Middle East's corporate landscape, advancing the region's leadership in the world of AI and data.


Product, GTM and Branding services for  A APEC based technology company, provides a intelligent, data observation and governance copilot ensuring quality, and trust. 


Advisor, and partner with to deliver comprehensive product advisory services, and  cutting-edge AI trust training modules.  The preferred provider  for board and executive talent acquisition services, and fractional Chief Data & AI Officer expertise.


Together with, we are committed to shaping the future of AI leadership, fostering trust in AI applications, and offering unparalleled AI-related services to businesses seeking transformative AI solutions and leadership talent. 

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