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Quick-Start Readiness Programs

Quality Strategies, Fast-Tracked

Ideal for those with pressing deadlines or limited resources, our Quick-Start Readiness Programs are tailored to specific common challenges and expedite the implementation of our 7-step framework without compromising quality.

Tailored Solutions

Explore our four Quick-Start Readiness Programs.

Step 1: Board Readiness

75 hours, 2 experts @ $82,000

Tailored For
Boards of Directors seeking Trusted AI insights (e.g., readiness and risks) to effectively guide their organizations

Notable Aspects

  • AI impact on Revenue & Operational health

  • Rapid insights into AI readiness

  • Enhanced governance for long-term ROI & Trust

  • Completion in 75 hours with 2 experts for streamlined planning

Step 2: AI Strategy, Governance, & Operations

50 hours, 1+ experts @ $62,500

Tailored For
Executives accountable for defining, optimizing and managing the AI differentiator 

Notable Aspects

  • Swift AI strategy assessment

  • AI & ML design for improved business outcome

  • Practical governance for long-term ROI & Trust

  • Completion in 50 hours with expert consultation

Step 3: Cross-Functional AI

100 hours @ $97,000

Tailored For
Cross-functional executives who want to harness AI to speed delivery of cross-team strategic objectives

Notable Aspects

  • Promotes collaboration, clarity and enterprise cultural alignment 

  • Think AI beyond your team

  • CTI Optimization through Data Ecosystem

  • Completion in 100 hours with expert guidance

Step 4: Security & Compliance

60 hours, 2 experts @ $75,500

In Partnership With Trava Security

Delivering comprehensive AI solutions that prioritize security and risk management

Tailored For
CISOs or compliance professionals prioritizing AI security, compliance, and stakeholder trust

Notable Aspects

  • Focuses on risk identification, controls and mitigation

  • EU AI Act & ISO 42001 Readiness

  • Tailored for CISOs and Compliance professionals

  • Program completion in 60 hours

2. AI Strategy

2.1 AI Readiness

2.2 AI Governance

2.3 AI Operations

3. Cross-

Functional AI

3.1 Culture

3.2 Fluency & Literacy

1. Board Investment

1.1 Board Stewardship

For Trusted AI






Which Program Is Right for You?

Common Challenge

Program Fit

If the Board unsure how to invest in AI or how to steward a trusted AI transformation

Board Readiness

If the AI strategy needs to be assessed if it's the right approach

AI Strategy, Governance, & Operations

If the team needs to align on best practices for cross-functional AI deployment and strategy

Cross-Functional AI

If my data is biased, not secure, non-compliant, or if trust risk needs to be mitigated

Security & Compliance 

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